After being rejected by the job center, the man went to court.

After being rejected by the job center, the man went to court.

This gave birth to the idea of ​​giving perspectives. The free church pastor Bernd Siggelkow, the founder of the child and youth welfare facility "ark" does not have a classic social worker training and yet the work is extremely successful. Maybe because he went through tough times himself.

Warm lunches, games, homework assistance, clothing donations, daily structure and a kind word, all of this is available in the arks. Volunteers and permanent employees look after the children, they visit families – if necessary – and talk to teachers.

Fight against material and emotional poverty

Nationwide, more than three million minors are affected by material and emotional poverty. Siggelkow, himself a father of six children, is fighting against it with his facilities.

Some of the facilities are independent leisure facilities, youth cafés or clubs, others are integrated into schools and guarantee all-day care, especially in hot spots. A very fruitful collaboration that combines school and free time, because at home there is often neither space nor peace or understanding for learning. All those responsible agree that education is the key to better life prospects. For children from the hot spots, vacation camps are often the only form of vacation they ever get to know.

Children need to feel loved

Arche’s offers are free of charge: a full, warm meal, help with homework, meaningful leisure activities with sports and music, and above all a lot of attention. Because children need confirmation for their self-confidence. Pastor Siggelkow is convinced that they need to feel important and loved. Unfortunately, many children in this country do not experience this at home.

Children need a lobby. The Arche has set itself the task of pointing out deficits in our society so that children are increasingly the focus again. In addition, the management of the “Arche” seeks dialogue with business and politics and brings in the experiences from their work.

The Christian children and youth organization was founded in 1995 in Berlin. The Arche is now active at 15 locations in Germany and reaches over 2500 children and young people. There are now two offshoots in Switzerland and one soon in Poland. The opening of further facilities in Germany is being planned, because the demand is unfortunately enormous. But the tasks that the association has taken on can only be mastered with the support of the population. The work of the Arche is financed almost 100 percent by donations.

Siggelkow wins the hearts of children and celebrities

His critics say that Siggelkow is not a real, not a trained social worker, but his success proves his way of tackling the problems right. "Papa Bernd" wins not only the hearts of children, but also those of numerous celebrities. You support his campaigns. Football pro Lukas Podolski, for example, is an Arche ambassador and financed a house in Poland, while TV presenter Birgit Schrowange is committed to campaigns. The list of supporters and patrons also includes TV presenter Günther Jauch and the former world middle heavyweight champion, former boxing professional Henry Maske.

Bernd Siggelkow was awarded the “Order of Merit of the State of Berlin” and the "Federal Cross of Merit" excellent. And “Die Arche” itself was awarded the “Carl von Ossietzky Medal of the International League for Human Rights” and the "Hanse Merkur Prize for child protection" appreciated.  

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At the request of a Hartz IV recipient, the State Social Court of North Rhine-Westphalia obliged a job center to finance a trip by the man to his ten-year-old son in Indonesia. In its urgent decision published on April 1, the court found that it is an important support for the child’s development that the father exercises his rights of contact with the son. (Ref. L 7 AS 2392/13 B ER)

According to the court, the son and his mother moved to Indonesia a few years ago without the applicant’s consent. The father therefore maintains contact with him by telephone and in writing. Since the father did not have the money for a trip to Indonesia, he applied for funds from the job center. After being rejected by the job center, the man went to court.

Judges find travel important to the child

The Essen judges found in their decision that the father’s contact with his son was "with special consideration of the family contact protected by constitutional rights of particular concern". The best interests of the child should also be taken into account in the weighing up. Once a year, funds are to be made available to exercise the right of access. The father’s last trip to Indonesia, however, took place in February 2013 and was more than a year ago.

Three weeks for access rights

The judges emphasized that a travel time of three weeks is appropriate. A shorter stay could prevent a successful exercise of the right of access.

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If parents living apart look after their children equally, each is entitled to half of the child benefit. The parent who receives the child benefit must pay the other. That was decided by the Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court (Az .: II-7 UF 45/13), as reported by the Family Law Working Group of the German Lawyers’ Association.

Father declares half of child benefit

In the negotiated case, parents looked after their two children equally within the framework of the so-called changeover model. At first they lived in the same house. When the mother moved out and a son went with her, she claimed support. In return, the father asked for half of the child benefit for the time he was looking after the children.

With success. According to the court, the father is entitled to half of the child benefit. The parents can decide for themselves to whom the child benefit fund should initially pay the full amount.

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Inform the entire environment, i.e. family, friends, work colleagues and neighbors. The social environment is then forewarned when the stalker is contacted and does not reveal the new telephone number, address or other private information about the victim.

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Report the stalker to the police or to the local court "Interim injunction / protection order" according to the Protection against Violence Act. The stalker is then no longer allowed to approach the victim for a few months due to the ban on contact. If he ignores this, he is liable to prosecution and faces a fine or imprisonment.

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Make sure that your own children – especially teenagers – do not share any private information, including photos, about the mother on the internet, for example in social networks.

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If the stalker has the victim’s landline number, it is advisable to purchase an answering machine to make direct contact impossible and to be able to document messages.

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Handle personal documents carefully: For example, do not dispose of any letters or other mail that may give the perpetrator insight into private spying in the in-house waste paper bin.

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It is essential to get help: seek professional support and guidance from advice centers. Contact addresses for special stalking or family counseling centers are also available from the police or the youth welfare office.

Mediation advice can also be helpful during the separation or divorce phase, so that this type of escalation may not even occur.

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Keep a stalking diary in which all occurrences are recorded in detail. Collecting and documenting e-mails, SMS, mailbox messages or letters from the stalker is just as important. This evidence could be important for a possible court case.

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Stay consistent when breaking contact so that the perpetrator can get through further "Encounters" – this also applies to phone calls, letters, e-mails or text messages- does not feel encouraged to continue and realizes that his efforts are in vain. Even direct communication between the separated parents is about "harmless" Matters such as necessary purchases of children’s clothes or the costs of a school trip should be avoided as far as possible, as otherwise stalking can intensify through the exchange of everyday things.

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Education in Germany is accessible to everyone and free of charge – nice theory, but current figures show that families bear a significant part of private education expenditure. Education is not purely tax financed. This is all the more true when the concept of education is taken broadly: for parents, childcare is the largest item in education expenditure.

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The money for day-care centers makes up almost 60 percent of total spending on education, as the current weekly report from the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) shows, which counts early childhood care as part of education. 27 percent are offered by sports and music lessons. In addition, there are seven percent each for attending a private school or for child day care services such as a childminder.

After the daycare phase, the costs decrease

A consolation for families: after the kindergarten phase it becomes cheaper, unless the children attend a private school that is subject to a fee. This major cost item falls precisely in a phase in which the family income is limited, as one parent usually does not work at all or only works part-time.

Families pay that on average

On average, every family with children under the age of 16 in Germany spends around 93 euros per month on educational offers. Around a quarter (23 percent) of families, however, do not pay anything for education, for example because they are waived fees because of their low income.

But if you only look at those who actually pay something, the average is 120 euros. Families with little financial means spend an average of 37 euros per month.